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Thanks for letting couch + cork be a part of Tory’s Bachelorette weekend in Pittsfield on August 17. Download a PDF about the wines, including tasting notes, pairing suggestions and recipes.

Tips, Tricks & Info from Tory’s
Bachelorette Weekend Wine Tasting

  • You can get wine at greatly reduced prices at Wines Til Sold Out. Sign up for their emails to get one every time a new wine is available.
  • If you loved the red we tasted, look for Bordeaux wines from the Right Bank (e.g. St.-Émilion). You can find bottles worth $70+ for $20-25 on WTSO. 2015 and 2016 are drinking exceptionally well right now (we tasted a 2015).
  • Want to drink bubbly every day? Crémant de Limoux uses the traditional method (high quality) but are less expensive. WTSO often has rosé versions of the sparkler we tried. They are exceptionally good.
  • If you get a screw cap wine that smells like matchtip or struck match, don’t toss it! The wine is reduced and just needs some oxygen. Toss it in the blender for 5-10 seconds.
  • Make any bottle of red taste $20 better by “hyper-decanting.” This is just a fancy way of saying to throw it in the blender. Don’t do this with white wines. Definitely don’t do this with bottles that cost more than $22.
  • Serve your reds chilled. Light-bodied reds should be chilled more than full-bodied. Pinot Noir = chilly. Malbec = slightly cool. You can pop a red in the fridge for 90-120 minutes before opening to chill it.
  • Try the Orange Gewürztraminer by Alie Shaper of Brooklyn Oenology. Do yourself a favor and enjoy it liesurely with a nice triple crème.

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Thanks again for letting us be a part of Tory’s bachelorette weekend and leading you in a wine tasting. Questions? Comments? Comment, email or hit us up on social!

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