Pinot Noir

How much do you know about Pinot Noir? A darling grape that is also much-maligned, the trick to enjoying this varietal is learning about it’s dank-weather lovin’, thin-skinned, sensitive nature. It is impossible to not be happy when drinking bubbly. Pinot Noir is a wine that shows where it was grown, the soil and the weather well so let’s explore Pinot Noir from around the world to find your new fav.

The Agenda

As always, we’ll begin with spitting technique (safety first!). Then we’ll move on to a glass of bubbly to kick off the night.

Learn about terroir—the most important word when it comes to Pinot Noir—and the the grape, Pinot Noir and taste through Pinots from around the world. You’ll quickly develop an understanding of just how different the light-bodied red can be.

Participants leave with a deeper understanding of not only Pinot Noir but how different climates affect wine in general when it comes to what’s in the bottle. They will also know more about the Pinot Noir that fits their tastes.

The tasting will also provide pairing suggestions.

Who’s This Good For?

Anyone! Pinot Noir isn’t just versatile, it’s also a great way to start unlocking wine knowledge.

Note for Hosts

This tasting lasts 90-120 minutes. We’ll send snack ideas (and simple recipes) well in advance. We recommend giving each participant an assigned snack to bring to keep your evening nice and chill.

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