Premium wine offers an incredible tasting experience. To enjoy these wines it’s important to understand climate, regions and vintage. Luckily, this tasting will teach you everything you need to know to explore high quality, and sometimes higher-priced wines from around the world.

The Agenda

This night starts with a glass of bubbly and a lesson in spitting technique (safety first!).

Next, we’ll talk about what goes on in the best regions and varietals. While we taste we’ll talk about each premium wine (style, region, grape, blend) and how to serve and pair it.

Throughout the tasting, participants will learn how to care for premium wines—you want to protect your investment after all! Guests will learn about the environmental factors found in most homes that can flaw premium wine, leading to volatile acidity, cooked wine and other issues.

Finally, we’ll talk about selecting wines at bottle shops and the best resources online for purchasing premium wines.

Who’s This Premium Wine Tasting Good For?

This tasting is perfect for those who know a thing or two and want to experience high quality bottles. It’s also good for those looking to develop a cellar. Bottles are $40+.

Note for Hosts

This tasting lasts 90-120 minutes. We’ll send snack ideas (and simple recipes) well in advance. We recommend giving each participant an assigned snack to bring to keep your evening nice and chill.

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