Wine Tasting 101: Palate Training

Tannins, acidity, ABV, body… what on earth do these things mean and how do people know if a wine has supple tannins or bracing acidity? This tasting takes participants through a training much like the pros start out doing: exploring what the feelings in our mouths tell us about wine.

The Agenda

This night starts with a glass of bubbly and a lesson in spitting technique (believe us, you’ll want to spit a lot of this out!).

Next, participants move into a discussion of each of the facets we’ll explore on our palates: dryness/sweetness, acidity, tannins, ABV, body and tannins.

From there, participants will taste one wine that has been manipulated five times to learn where and how their palate feels different aspects.

Who’s This Good For?

This more educational tasting is great for those who are new to wine but want to take it to the next level. It’s informative, but fun. It does not include tasting of multiple wines and instead focuses on learning about wine and the palate in a broad way.

Note for Hosts

This tasting lasts 90-120 minutes and requires some extra setup so your presenter will arrange to arrive early.

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