In-Home Wine Tastings

Want to learn about wine in the comfort of your own home? In need of a fundraiser that is sure to make a splash? Planning an intimate birthday celebration or bachelor(ette) party? Make it one of our home wine tastings.

couch + cork in-home wine tastings are in available in:

  • Vermont: Bennington, Windham
  • New York: Nassau, Suffolk, Kings, Queens, New York, Albany, Schenectady, Rensselaer, Saratoga
  • Massachusetts: Berkshire, Franklin

Choose From Our Home Wine Tasting Experiences

When you’re ready for a night in like no other, select the tasting that you’d like. Please include the level you’re considering in the subject line of the email. You’ll receive everything you need for us to book you a memorable night!

All tastings include a glass of bubbly to start and four bottles. You may select from all red; all white; a mix of red and white; a mix of red, white and rosé.

Price is for up to 6 guests (in addition to two hosts). Additional guests can be negotiated up to 10 guests total.

Not sure which is right for you? Email us your questions. And don’t forget to read the fine print.

If you’re interested in a custom tasting, we plan those, too. Let’s chat!

Wine Tasting 101: Palate Training

This experience is for newbies to the wine world who want to learn about things like acidity, tannins, body and other elements of how a wine feels on the palate. You do not need to know these things to enjoy wine tasting. It is perfect for those who think they might want to deepen their knowledge of wine or seek work in the industry. Learn more. 90-120 minutes.

Wine Tasting 102: The Tasting Process

This experience will take guests through the process of tasting wine systematically in order to deepen their knowledge of not just wine, but also what they like. Guests will learn how to decode color, nose and palate to identify common terms that will help them when shopping or ordering wine. Learn more. 90-120 minutes.


Explore the gems of bottles hidden in the aisles of the grocery store. Average cost per bottle $12. Learn more. 90-120 minutes.


Discover mid-range wines available at most liquor stores and bottle shops. Average cost per bottle $20. Learn more. 90-120 minutes.


Meet your new favorite styles and regions. Learn how to decode a label. Learn more. Minimum cost per bottle $40.


The perfect tasting for a celebration you’ll taste four to five sparkling wines from around the globe. There’s more to life than Champagne and this night will prove it. Bottle prices vary. Learn more. 90-120 minutes.

pinot noir.

Pinot Noir is a darling of the wine world. Light bodied, yet complex, it is the perfect grape for those who want to enjoy a red that stacks up in flavor but isn’t heavy. This tasting will introduce the grape that loves less-than-perfect weather and share Pinots from around the world (did you know it grows in Germany where it’s called Spätburgunder?) and help guests find their perfect Pinot. Learn more. 90-120 minutes.


Despite most people connecting Malbec to Argentina (specifically, Mendoza), the grape hails from the Cahors area of France. Explore the grape and wine, differentiate expressions of Malbec and learn how to pair it. Learn more. 90-120 minutes.

game night.

Explore two wine-themed games facilitated by couch + cork. One is a wine trivia game that asks questions about wine in pop culture one turn and about classic pairings the next. We’ll also play a tasting note game. Learn more. 120 minutes.

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