Malbec: France vs. Argentina

When most people enjoy a glass of Malbec it’s from Mendoza, Argentina. But Malbec is native to France. This tasting looks at the difference between French and Argentinian Malbec.

The Agenda

As always, we’ll begin with spitting technique (safety first!). Then we’ll move on to a glass of bubbly to kick off the night.

Learn about Côt, the original name of the Malbec grape and what it is still called in France. Explore the difference in Cahors (France) and Mendoza (Argentina) and how this influences the final result as we taste through Malbec from both areas of the world.

The tasting will also provide pairing suggestions for both French and Argentinian Malbec.

Who’s This Good For?

Anyone! Malbec is lots of fun to learn about, especially those who love sharing a bit of trivia over dinner.

Note for Hosts

This tasting lasts 90-120 minutes. We’ll send snack ideas (and simple recipes) well in advance. We recommend giving each participant an assigned snack to bring to keep your evening nice and chill. Hosts may wish to alter this tasting to end with a fun deductive tasting.

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