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In-home wine tastings are a fun time spent with family, friends, colleagues and other groups. Because these events involve alcohol, there are strict rules. Please read this page fully so that you understand all practices and policies. Booking a tasting means you agree to these policies in full without exception.

In-Home Wine Tasting Policies


The company has the right to refuse serving alcohol to any guest at any time at its sole discretion.This includes uncertainty about intoxication, age, “bad vibes,” or anything else.

All guests must have proper i.dthe night of the event. State-issued drivers’ license and passports are acceptable forms of i.d.

Tasting pours are generally 1-1.5 ounces. We encourage spitting during tastings but pours are still small to avoid intoxication.


When you click the button for the option you want the process starts. Please include in the notes section the best way to contact you so that we can get you on the calendar!

Once your order is received you’ll hear from us in fewer than 24 hours. We’ll send a welcome email containing everything you need to know to get ready (and excited) for your tasting.

A packet will follow in the mail. That’s right, mail you’ll actually want to open! We send a packet with two copies of the waiver and contract that you must sign and return (we also provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope to make it easy). The packet also has some fun goodies for the hosts.


The cost list for each event is the price for that tasting with 6 guests. We define six guests as not including the host and their +1 or the Company. So these are six people you invite in addition to you and the friend, partner or family member of your choice.

We do not believe in hidden fees and charges. The only way you will be charged extra is if you add guests or wine. Additional guests are charged at $5 each.


If you cancel at least 8 days before your scheduled event you will receive a full refund immediately.Your refund will be quick and question-free.

If you cancel with fewer than 8 days before your event you will be reimbursed minus the cost of the wine. We shop for wine a week prior to the event.

If hosts fail to meet obligations (e.g. the house is unsafe, there are children present, guests are intoxicated before event) there is no refund. Safety first!

Emergencies happen, but are hard to define. In the event of an emergency you will have the choice of either a.) rescheduling your event or b.) 50% refund.

If we cancel you will be reimbursed and given the wine ordered for your event. Yeah, we don’t cancel ;o)

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